I have moved: christianrward.com

I have been struck with awe and humility since I started the blue couch at the ever growing number of regular people who have stopped to read my work. I am deeply grateful for everyone who has taken any of their valuable time to read my essays and to subscribe.

Last October, I moved to a hosted version of WordPress. I wanted to improve the look and feel of the site and, hopefully, the writing as well.  All of my essays are now at  christianrward.com. What I didn’t know was that I would lose almost every single subscriber due to the way the software is written. If you previously subscribed to the blue couch, thank you. It would give me great joy if you would link over to christianrward.com and re-subscribe. Type in your email address in the box on the left side of the site and you are done.

I’ve written a lot since I moved over to my own site. Here are the essays at christianrward.com:

1 November 2013: i can almost see you

 4 November 2013: an inconsiderate departure

13 November 2013: truth: resilience is the “art of life”

19 November 2013: thinking loudly

4 December 2013: someday this pain will be useful to you

19 December 2013: have you passed through this night?

25 December 2013: it all needs to go away swiftly

28 December 2013: glass realms

8 January 2014: there are some remedies worse than the disease

I intend to write frequently and I will strive to offer value to every one of you who reads my work. If you have ideas about what good writing and interesting subjects mean, please drop me a line at christianrward@gmail.com or you can comment at the end of any of the essays (after you subscribe).

Thank you for reading.

As my father says, until soon,



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